Medical Surveillance

Medical surveillance is a planned series of ongoing medicals in a group of employees that have a specific occupational risk profile.

The aim of medical surveillance is to:

  • Evaluate the efficacy of existing safety measures, and;
  • Ensure that the employee is fit to perform his or her particular job;
  • Ensure that the employee does not have condition that may jeopardize his or her own or others’ health and safety.
  • Enable early detection and management of medical conditions that may occur as a result of occupational exposure.

Various screening questionnaires, physical exams, instruments and laboratory tests are used during occupational medical assessments. These medicals differ from a routine health check conducted by one’s personal doctor. They are paid for by the employer, and are conducted by technicians, nurses, and doctors with specialised training in occupational health.

Performing lung function test

Regarding scheduling we define medicals by when they are done, i.e:

  • Pre-employment medical
  • Periodic medical
  • Transfer medical
  • Exit medical

In addition, when health-related issues occur, such as temporary disability or sudden onset of incapacity, the employer may schedule a medical assessment. This usually happens when a medical condition impacts on the employee’s performance at work.

All medicals may be conducted at our offices or brought to your site as in construction medicals, which get done at construction sites

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